Maddievixenx.com SCAN Setup for Oracle 11g Release211gR2 RAC implementationSingle client access name SCAN is introduced in Oracle 11g R2 Cluster Ready SoftwareCRS to simplify the database connection strings that an Oracle Client uses to connect to an Oracle Cluster Database. I have received a few emails about SCAN setup issues and I have promised that I would come up with an article addressing the following questions What is SCAN in Oracle 11g R2 RACSingle client access name SCAN is meant to facilitate single name for all Oracle clients to connect to the cluster database irrespective of number of nodes and node location. Until now we have to keep adding multiple address records in all clients tnsnames.ora when a new node gets added to or deleted from the cluster. Client TNS Entry in oid1rac1 admincat tnsnames.ora OIDDB DESCRIPTION ADDRESS PROTOCOL TCPHOST rac1vip.freeoraclehelp.comPORT 1521 ADDRESS PROTOCOL TCPHOST rac2vip.freeoraclehelp.comPORT 1521 CONNECTDATA SERVER DEDICATED SERVICENAME oid.freeoraclehelp.com oid1rac1 admintnsping oiddbTNS Ping Utility for Linux Version Production on 15DEC2011 142118Copyright c 1997 2010 Oracle. All rights reserved.Used parameter filesUsed TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the aliasAttempting to contact DESCRIPTION ADDRESS PROTOCOL TCPHOST rac1vip.freeoraclehelp.com

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